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Сonstruction of small and midsize businesses
The Russian federation is 146 519 759 persons and 17 125 407 kilometres2 territories that occupies on an end 2015 year 5 place on VVM and PPS!
Not looking on a difficult financial situation in a country, in connection with political argue,
the Russian market of commodities and services remains the greatest!
If you have a desire on him to get, then we are ready to help you!
An investment project is an economic or social project being base on investments, ground
of financial viability, volume and terms of realization of direct investments in a certain
object, including the documentation worked out in accordance with operating standards.
An investment project is a ground of financial viability, volumes and terms of realization of
capital investments, a project is here needed is estimate documentation, and also
description of the practical operating under realization of investments.

Sometimes for comfort distinguish the concept of businessplan for denotation of ground, here a
project is named the "Investment project".