LTD "IMPERIAL" investment is an advertisement company, at the market of the Russian federation from 2015. A
basic task of company is this erection of small and midsize businesses, and similarly start and advancement of
new unique applications in App Store and Google Play.
An advertisement campaign is a complex of the associate, co-ordinated actions developed for the achievement of strategic aims and decision of problems of enterprise, and subsequent upon general advertisement plan for the different, but related to each other advertisement appeals accommodated in different MASS-MEDIA during the certain period of time (Wels Y., Bernett Dg., Moriarty S. Advertisement: principles and practice).

From determination we can distinguish fundamental moments  for any advertisement campaign: 
- an advertisement campaign is a process that plugs  in itself a few successive stages, since raising of aims ending the analysis of efficiency;   
- an advertisement campaign supposes the complex use of advertisement facilities.
What is advertisement company?
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Сonstruction of small and midsize businesses